When the Brook Park Recreation Center was built more than a half century ago, it was the envy of every community in the Greater Cleveland area and the State of Ohio.  The building and it’s indoor aquatics facilities were unparalleled! Today, the building is frankly old and is the victim of both its’ age and inaction by City leaders to fix longstanding problems.

The problems with the roof are not new -and certainly no surprise to Gammella. While campaigning in 2017 under the banner of “Open The Pool” he knew, or at least should have known that such a promise wasn’t going to happen. But, here we are almost four years later….

  • Are the pools open yet? 
  • Has the roof been fixed? 
  • Has anything been done to fix the crumbling walls?

The answer to all of these questions is NO! 

Instead, Gammella says he needs another study to find out what to do.  I guess he really doesn’t have a clue.  ANYONE who has read the report would know that long term in action has created a no win situation for all of us. 

With an estimated cost of nearly $3,000,000.00 to replace the roof,  we are well past the time to “fix” the roof.  It’s time to tear it off completely and save the building from further neglect. In closing, let’s go back and think about it as if it was our home -it is after all OUR building.  We have let this go on long enough.  The leaky roof and crumbling walls aren’t just embarassing they are a safety hazard!  That long term in action has hurt the roof, the walls, the integrity of the building itself AND the pools.  Enough is enough! Tear off the roof and fix the walls!

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