My plan for Brook Park…

Improving Public Safety

  • A more visible presence in our neighborhood by Police
  • Better technology to help our safety forces
  • Improved staffing

Meaningful and Sustainable Economic Development

  • Hire a “qualified” professional Economic Development professional
  • Focus on jobs in technology and service sectors
  • Make Brook Park a “destination” for growth

Road Repair and Maintenance

  • Regular repair and maintenance of City street
  • Develop and implement a long-term Master Plan for street replacement

Improve our response to flooding

  • Provide financial assistance to homeowners impacted by flooding
  • Regular and consistent maintenance of sewers and drains
  • Focus on long-term solutions rather than election year gimmicks

Recreation and the Pool

  • Stop the leaky roof at the Recreation Center – tear it off and fix the walls!
  • Provide an alternative for aquatic services while we find a permanent solution