June 18, 2021

What To Do About The Roof?

When the Brook Park Recreation Center was built more than a half century ago, it was the envy of every community in the Greater Cleveland area and the State of Ohio.  The building and it’s indoor aquatics facilities were unparalleled! Today, the building is frankly old and is the victim of both its’ age and inaction by City leaders to …

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June 13, 2021

Federal Funds on the Horizon

Brook Park could receive as much as $2 Million Dollars as part of the American Rescue plan. https://www.cleveland.com/stimulus-watch/2021/06/how-much-could-your-northeast-ohio-city-town-village-receive-from-american-rescue-plan-here-are-our-estimates-stimulus-watch.html Despite the lifting of restrictions, these remain challenging times for all of us. Here’s hoping that City leaders wont rush to spend any funds, instead looking for ways to maintain cash reserves and address immediate needs.

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June 9, 2021

We aren’t alone

Well we aren’t the only City with a leaky roof. Take a read here https://www.cleveland.com/…/faced-with-3-million-repair… Interestingly though, Fairview Park leaders didn’t ignore the issue and did something about AND found a way for residents to use other nearby facilities while they closed their own during repairs. The problem Fairview is experiencing, though, sounds very similar to our own. But at …

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June 3, 2021

Kicking the can down the road again…

For more than 25 years anyone and everyone in our city has known about the leaky roof at the Recreation Center. As late as 2017, the City paid thousands of dollars for a “study” about the leaky roof and crumbling walls of the recreation center.  Guess what the study told us?  The roof leaks, the walls are crumbling AND it …

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May 29, 2021

Memorial Day: Never Forget

In April of 1865, four years after it began, the American Civil War came to an end, and a tradition to decorate the graves of fallen soldiers began. While many cities and individuals claimed to have been the first to celebrate the event, in 1868, General Logan of the Grand Army of the Republic called for a “Decoration Day”, which …

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